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HomelatestSharad Yadav Declares War On Nitish Kumar

Sharad Yadav Declares War On Nitish Kumar

Sharad Yadav Declares War Nitish Kumar

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Sharad Yadav Declares War Nitish Kumar: Sharad Yadav planned Bihar tour but Nitish did not respond. He replied that he can do as he wishes. That he discussed with Thyogi who is the student of Sharad. And informed that Yadav will attend to national party program. By this nobody is expecting Nitish plan. And he is telling that coordination with BJP is not his decision and it’s party’s decision. JDU has not accepted the Sonia opposition meeting. As after they joined in NDA UPA chief is not performing good to her post questioned by party members.

As it was to be known that Sharadh was invited to the meeting and asked by all members. If he not ok with them to waited to take action. As of now after combining with NDA first time Nitish met Modi. As with his direction, they will react to Sharad Yadav. Importantly they are planning to make Sharad Yadav alone and keep pressure. He continues in JDU only the plane is ready to implement. If not with the support of Sonia he is continuing. We have to wait and see at the meeting on 19 of this month.


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