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Sharwanand’s Mahanubhavudu

Sharwanand’s Mahanubhavudu

Sharwanand’s Mahanubhavudu: Sharwanand as a hero and Mohiren heroine, the movie MAHAANUBHAVUDU. Today its teaser is released. Maruti has directed this movie and in the UV creation banner, Vamshi and Pramod have produced this movie. As with high expectations, this movie is going to reach the expectations we have to see the teaser. Maruthi’s previous movie Bale Bale Mogadivoi is the big block buster. Some scenes in the movie are same as that.

Recently Nani reacted to MAHAANUBHAVUDU teaser Bale Bale Mogadivoi movie hero’s cousin he is looking like he twisted. Click and green the hero in the movie is giving preference. With high expectations, this movie is going to release for this Dusshera. As in the same way, they announced in the teaser also. Compulsory this movie going to give the success for Sharwa. This year, he has already won a blockbuster success with ‘Shatamana Bhavathi’. And he is going to have another success with this film.

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