Shekhar Kapur is ‘constantly curious, constantly wondering’


Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur took to social media on Wednesday to reveal that childlike curiosity and wonder are the major driving forces that keep him going.

Kapur shared a photograph of his 6 is breakfast at his favourite cafe in London on Instagram. Along with the picture, he wrote: “Breakfast at 6 is.. my favourite cafe in London. I’m an early riser.. so up by 5 am and walking around wherever I am to find something interesting. something new. I’ve often been asked, what drives me? Childlike curiosity and wonder .. that’s what I always say. I just think I never grew up.. constantly curious, constantly wondering. Beautiful day today!”

Taking to Twitter the same day, the filmmaker shared a suggestion for netizens on how to explore their creative self.

“I can’t teach you to be creative. All I can do is to help you explore your creative self. All I can do is help take away your fear of expressing yourself. Yes .. that’s what I learnt for myself .. to not be afraid of being creative..” he tweeted.


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