Shivin Narang: Topics of depression, mental health should be part of school syllabus


Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden demise has brought back the discussion on the importance of mental health. TV star Shivin Narang says topics of depression and mental health should be included in the school syllabus.

“I think this is something that should be taught since the beginning, like from school onwards. I don’t remember being taught anything like this. It should be included in the syllabus since childhood, everything from the symptoms to how to cope with it,” Shivin said.

The “Beyhadh 2” actor also said that this is not something that is industry-centric and can happen to anyone. However, he asserted that people in the entertainment industry are more aware and accepting of it.

“The life of an actor is very unstable. Sometimes you are on the top and sometimes you need to struggle. But this is something we all know before entering the industry. As far as depression is concerned, it’s not just in the entertainment industry. Life is so fast now, especially because of the internet and social media, that we tend to forget ourselves. People make less conversation, meet less. Rather, we meet or talk digitally,” he said.

“Sometimes when you are alone, you feel empty. It happens with everyone. It’s not like that depression just happens to people in the entertainment industry. I feel wherever the job atmosphere is stressful, it can happen. But I think the people from the industry are still very open about it, they accept that they are suffering from depression et cetera, and they need to get it treated,” he added.


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