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Shraddha Kapoor Clarifies Her Role In Saaho Movie

Shraddha Kapoor clarifies

After Baahubali movie, Prabhas next movie is having high expectations from the film industry, public, and fans. In the direction of Sujith, he is doing Saaho movie. Saaho movie making the budget is 150 crores.  Sujith intention, this movie in Bollywood range so they choose Bollywood heroine Shraddha Kapoor as the heroine. Shraddha Kapoor took high remuneration for this movie. In this movie, Shradha is going to appear in two different roles. Shraddha Kapoor clarifies about her role in Prabhas Saaho movie.

Recently, Shraddha Kapoor gives clarity on this issue. In the first schedule, Shraddha appeared in very posh and highly educated girl. In the recent schedule, She looks like the village and D glamour girl screens are done by Shraddha. By this, some of the members of the movie team said she is doing a dual role. As the truth is shraddha is doing a single role but it contains dual shades. Said by the movie unit officially. In the movie sometime she appears as a village girl and then she appears as the ultra model girl. The fans are hoping that the film will be ready in next summer.

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