Shruti Haasan: 2012 was not a great year for me personally


Actress-singer Shruti Haasan, who is known for being vocal about her thoughts and feelings, recently spoke to her younger self through the medium of social media and shared with her followers the uncertainties that followed her after 2012.

The actress posted an image of hers from 2012 on her Instagram and shared that the year wasn’t that great for her personally and little did she know that things were going to change for her, professionally as well.

Sharing the picture, Shruti wrote in the caption, “This picture is from 2012 it was not a great year for me personally, and little did I know things were going to change for me professionally… I look back at that version of me and I so wish I could go back in time and give her a giant hug and show her where she would eventually end up.”

She continued in the caption, “I want to tell her that people will always talk s**t and that there is a strong breeze of fakery constantly in the air and that the instinct was right and strength is vulnerability.”

She feels grateful for the constant learning that life has thrown at her in the form of oddballs.

“But what gives me from my yesterdays for my tomorrows is that there is a pain in the fire that (is) always burning in me – always looking for something ahead of me – something to learn from something, to see something to dream for. It’s silent, it’s violent and it’s true also #gothpapa vibes in secret have now come out,” she concluded.


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