Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Signal now lets users change number without wiping out data

Without wiping out conversation threads, the user can change their phone numbers, Signal was announced.

The signal app is providing an ability for users who have account to change their phone number without disturbing chats.

“You can use our services to transfer encrypted chats on IOS and Android to other devices if buy a new device”, Company said in blog post.

“As Signal messages are excluded from the built-in operating system and cloud backups, Make sure you do this before wiping or recycling your old device,,” it added.

Signal mentioned that if users are keeping their existing phone, but getting a new number, the Change Number feature will let them keep their profile and all of the existing messages and groups on the device.

When someone changes their phone number on Signal, users will see a chat event letting them know their number has changed, the company said.

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