Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Smart audio eyewear ‘AURL’ launched in India for Rs 5,999

Domestic technology company Question What’s Real (QWR) on Wednesday launched its first Make in India smart audio eyewear ‘AURL’ for Rs 5,999.

According to the company, the eyewear offers a hands-free experience where a user does not need to reach out to his/her smartphone for everything, saving 30 percent screen time per day over 10 percent use.

“This is our attempt at trying to make technology worn on the face more accessible, fashion-conscious, and comfortable for all. AURL enables you to explore this new way of life!,” Suraj Ravi, CEO, and Founder, Question What’s Real, said in a statement.

The eyewear can be customized for every mood, every season, and every day with a detachable front. A user can also enjoy an immersive audio experience and does not need active voice cancellation. The context-aware hotkeys adapt to users’ every need.

With over 8 hours of battery life and more than 180 hours of standby time, the users can wear AURL just like any other spectacles, without worrying about charging.

In addition, the 4.0 Bluetooth compatibility allows AURL to connect with more than one device at a time, allowing the user to seamlessly switch between smartphones, tablets,s, and laptops.

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