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HomelatestChandrababu Anger Has Reason

Chandrababu Anger Has Reason

Somi Reddy reveal secret behind CM Chandrababu anger

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Somi Reddy reveal the secret behind CM Chandrababu anger: Ganta Srinivas Rao is frequently telling that CM Chandrababu is showing anger. In the internal strife, Visakhaka scam, the latest collectors’ conference in the Bio-metric system of teachers matter. The rumors are coming that in one Lokesh hand is there in all these and in other way Ganta will be out of the ministry. But after the cabinet meeting, it’s clear that all are rumors. Ganta oppositions are happy with the rumors but every time they are getting disappointment.

Actually, Babu can show his anger but why he will make Ganta far away. But minister Somi Reddy Chandra Mohan gave clarification about this matter in a Web channel interview. Somi Reddy told may Babu would have argued or show anger in some matters. So if anytime Babu behaves like this then he is going to do something good for them. Recently, a situation happened in the cabinet expansion meeting. Somi Reddy called his wife after the meeting and told that this time he will get cabinet power. And finally, it became true that Somi Reddy became the minister. So Somi Reddy recognized Babu anger behind love. So even Ganta must understand this.

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