Sonali Bendre: I’m a scared dancer but eager to learn.


Sonali Bendre revealed being a scared dancer. In ‘Best Ka Pehla Test,’ Hansvi Tonk and her choreographer will perform on ‘Aami Je Tomar’ in Manjulika and Anjulika avatars.

During the “Best Ka Pehla Test,” contestants will pay tribute to Bollywood with a spectacular filmy performance. Hansvi Tonk and her choreographer Anuradha will perform a spine-chilling act on the iconic song “Aami Je Tomar” in the Manjulika and Anjulika avatar, leaving everyone startled.

Sonali Bendre, a judge on ‘India’s Best Dancer 3’, praised the dance act, calling it a well-executed scene with proper character details and a plot narrative performed as a dance act.

It appeared as if you were just having a casual conversation, you made it look so effortless. But in reality, when a scene is choreographed, actors have specific movements they need to execute.

You were able to do all of that through dance with such smoothness, it was as if you were walking. I don’t believe there is a greater compliment I can offer. Amazing job, Hansvi. God bless you and may you continue to make your mother proud with every stage performance.”

Sonali Bendre complimented Anuradha’s choreography, stating that despite being a hesitant dancer, she always had an interest in learning. She expressed her desire to be choreographed by Anuradha, given the excellent job done with the scene.

sonali bendre i'm a scared dancer but eager to learn.-1sonali bendre: i'm a scared dancer but eager to learn.

Sonali Bendre Dance performance:

I couldn’t perform those scenes with mine. The dance can be choreographed accordingly by a choreographer who comprehends the scene and story. I hope you get to choreograph me someday!”

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