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Want To Book A Movie Ticket? See what Happened To Navdeep!

South Indian Movie Makers On Strike In Protest Against Digital Service

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After the theatre owners in South India calling for a unanimous lockout, of movie theatres remained locked for the second day. The lockout began yesterday after their negotiations with Digital Service Providers failed. The theatre owners are protesting against the rise in Service fees by the Digital Providers.

Interestingly, few over-enthusiastic youth, out of ignorance about the lockout exercise, tried to book a ticket on online. And interestingly, they were met with disappointment. To educate about the lockout notice, Navadeep took to Twitter.

In his latest twitter post, the actor tried to book a ticket through ‘Bookmyshow’ app on his phone. He was not amazed at seeing, ‘There are no movies available in this region’. Navdeep took the snapshot of the same and posted on his Twitter account.

With the strike (lockout) taking a fierce form, it will be interesting to see what would be the fate of Telugu films which were scheduled to release towards the end of March. Most noticeably, Ram Charan’s Rangasthalam is release on March 30th.

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