Sr. NTR photo on YSRCP Flexi!

Sr. NTR photo on YSRCP Flexi

Sr. NTR photo on YSRCP Flexi

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It is not uncommon for Chota Leaders to come up with a new controversy to grab the limelight. Thanks to media’s over-inquisitiveness, these leaders are seen on TV, thereby further encouraging their antics indirectly. One such incident took place in Pedakamidi Village in Pedavega Mandal, West Godavari district.

According to sources, local YSRCP Convener Abbayya comes up with a flexi supporting the YSRCP party. What’s shocking is, a life-size image of YS Rajasekhar Reddy is seen on one side of the huge flexi, while legendary actor and politician Sr. NTR’s life-size image is seen on the other side.

In between, YS Jagan, and Abbayya’s photos are seen, with Kodali Nani image in the background between YS Jagan’s and Abbayya’s images. This lead to tense situations between the local YSRCP and TDP leaders. Soon, the police intervened between the two groups and calmed down the situation. Currently, the police are trying to get the controversial flexi removed.

Leaving aside the reason for Abbayya to come with such kind of a controversial poster, he has surely caught the eye of media, and the state’s public.

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