My brother is alive because of Sridevi


Sridevi helped to pay in Jathin Valmiki brother’s operation

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Legendary actress Sridevi has fans all over the nation. She is undeniably the first Lady Superstar of India Cinema. While many of us know about her on-screen performance, only very few know about her inner self. After hearing that Sridevi is no more, a fan named Jathin Valmiki, from Uttar Pradesh rushed to Mumbai immediately. He is not like every other fan, who came to Mumbai from the remotest of remote areas in the nation, to pay homage to their beloved actress for one final time.

Jathin is blind, and cannot see what most of us see. He has been waiting outside Sridevi’s house, just like thousands of others, for the past three days. Talking to a media channel, he shared some interesting things about Sridevi.

‘I never saw Sridevi, because of my deformity. But I saw her kindness and love. I got a chance to meet Sridevi in a function afew years back. At that time, my brother was suffering from Brain Tumor, and I shared the same with her. Immediately, even without asking me a question, she gave me a check worth Rs 1 Lakh. When I informed the hospital authorities about the same, they too showed some humanity, and further reduced the cost of operation by 1 lakh. Today my brother is alive, and it is because of Sridevi,’ said Jathin Valmiki.

This once again proves that Sridevi is not only beautiful for our eyes, but her heart too is beautiful.

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