Sri Lanka Tourism Plans Two Familiarization Tours Alongside Asia Cup


Sri Lanka Tourism Plans Two Familiarization Tours

Sri Lanka Tourism is gearing up to organize two familiarization tours, welcoming Pakistani media professionals, including TV channels and social media reporters. Jude Marsalin, the department coordinator, disclosed this exciting development. Lanka Tourism Plans Two Familiarization Tours

Speaking exclusively from Colombo, Jude Marsalin explained that Sri Lanka Tourism, in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Consulate General in Karachi, Pakistan, is facilitating these two familiarization tours. The tours will host 13 top TV channel reporters from Pakistan and prominent social media influencers. The scheduled dates for these tours are from August 29th to September 4th.

The Asia Cup, hosted by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), features matches being played in both Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Marsalin highlighted their specific aim, stating, “Our target is the India vs. Pakistan match on September 2nd.” He expressed the desire to showcase to the Pakistani people how Sri Lankans enjoy Asia Cup matches, especially the high-profile India-Pakistan encounter. The Sri Lankan approach, characterized by the lively Papare band and an atmosphere of entertainment, will offer a unique experience to the visitors. This initiative serves as a means to promote Lanka as a tourist-friendly destination.

sri lanka tourism plans two familiarization tours alongside asia cup
Sri Lanka Tourism Plans Two Familiarization Tours Alongside Asia Cup

Marsalin concluded by emphasizing its message to the world, stating that Lanka is fully prepared to welcome tourists once again. Despite recent economic challenges, the country is back on its feet and eager to extend its warm hospitality to visitors.

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