Chiru Or Nag In Bigg Boss Season 1 Finale

Star MAA Bigg Boss Season 1 Winner
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Star MAA Bigg Boss Season 1 Winner

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Star MAA Bigg Boss Season 1 Winner: The Telugu NTR ‘Bigg Boss’ show is going to be for finals. The Telugu audience is more eager to know the ‘Bigg Boss’ season 1 winner which is successfully running from 70 days. 16 participants enter the ‘Bigg Boss’ house where 10 participants got eliminate. While Sampoornesh Babu went off from the house by himself. Currently, 5 participants Hari Teja, Shiva Balaji, Adarsh, Archana, and Navdeep are there in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house.

With the huge budget, this show is going where the Telugu states are curious for the winner among this 5 participants. Maximum people are thinking that Hari Teja is the winner and few are thinking Shiva Balaji and few are thinking Adarsh. Star MAA declared the finals will start from Sunday 6 pm. There are chances that the Mega Star Chiranjeevi or King Nagarjuna will come to declare ‘Bigg Boss’ season 1 winner. As they both are partners in Star MAA so both are invited it seems.

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