Star… Star… “MEGA STAR”


Once upon a time, “Here is superstars for every film industry but India has only one MegaStar, that is Chiranjeevi,” Amitabh said. The entertainment magazines, film fare and India Today named him “Bigger than Bachchan”,  News magazine The week hailed him as “The new money machine” and CNN-IBN poll in 2006 declared him as ‘The most popular star of the Telugu film industry’, he is the MEGASTAR CHIRANJEEVI. Once, the great director Balachander sir said, “Kamal has the Acting skill, Rajni has Charishma but Chiranjeevi has both of that qualities and he is the combination of Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan.”



The power in the eyes, the grace in the dance, the style in the acting… No one can replace his Megastar position ever and never. He brakes collection records with his movies, his age grows but he still looks like young with sky-high energy levels; magnetizes the audience hearts, he is the demigod for his fans, and he always loves his fans; he is the MEGASTAR CHIRANJEEVI. Once a fan posted his comment on Facebook about him, i.e. an answer to a question. The question is Why did he fail in politics? The fan answered, “He can act only on screens but cannot act behind the screen, that’s why he failed.” This is his range in his fans’ hearts and they worship him.


He received India’s third highest civilian award ‘Padma Bhushan’ in 2006; the first South Indian actor got the invitation for The Oscar award ceremony in 1987; he has all of this love, reputation and fame not by only his acting skill, also by his character; He respects elders, he encourages youngers and he helps the people; The BIGGEST inspirations for aspirants, and for many generations, he is the MEGASTAR CHIRANJEEVI.

In 2013, IBN LIVE named him as one of “The men who changed the face of the Indian Cinema”. That is the “MEGASTAR CHIRANJEEVI”. We salute YOU, Sir.



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