Strengthened Police Force in Vizag Amid Jagan’s Move to the City


Strengthened Police Force in Vizag Amid Jagan’s Move to the City:

The Vizag district administration is preparing to enhance civic amenities and beautify the city, simultaneously reinforcing the local force, in anticipation of Chief Minister Jagan Reddy’s planned relocation to Visakhapatnam on Dasara day.

To maintain a high level of security and peace in the city, the city police will have to assume additional responsibilities. The new Commissioner of crop, Ravi Shankar, is evaluating the required increase in force presence, mainly since the Chief Minister is classified under the Z-category security protocol. He also mentioned appointing two joint commissioners to lead these forces.

Addressing concerns about the presence of around 500 rowdy individuals with criminal records in the city, Commissioner Ravi Shankar assured that measures would be taken to address this issue before the Chief Minister’s arrival. Regarding issues like ganja smuggling and drug abuse, he mentioned that he is reviewing the information collected by his officers and that additional police personnel would be deployed in the city, which already has approximately 4,000 police officers.

When it comes to new police recruits, the Commissioner noted that 30 percent of them have qualifications suitable for training in cybercrime.

strengthened police force in vizag amid jagan's move to the city
Strengthened Police Force in Vizag Amid Jagan’s Move to the City

Another senior police official emphasized that efforts would be made to control ganja smuggling in the ASR district agency areas and increase surveillance of Maoist activities.

Regarding civic amenities, Mayor Hari Kumari mentioned that the city had been beautified for events like the G-20 summit, the Global Investors Meet, and the international fleet review organized by the Navy at RK Beach. She added that the focus now is on maintaining these amenities consistently and expanding the underground drainage system to cover more areas.

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