Stress Reducing Tips


1 . Give Yourself at least 60 minutes a day.
2. Keep the focus on your stress. When to get out of excitement? When to be peaceful!
3. Remember that daily meditation can reduce your stress
4. Make sure that fruits and vegetables should be included in your food. meat should be avoided.
5. Forgiveness is better than fiction and learns to realize that compassion is better than forgiveness.
6. Learn how to think and how long to think about one thing!
7. Smile always and share your feelings with others!
8. Keep an eye on what you are stressed and meditate on. Learn the same for the second time and avoid using it again!
9. Pre-assess yourself about you! Stop predicting others
10. Think Positive. Get pleasure from it
11. Avoid alcohol and drug addiction. Learn to meditate and learn to think that it affects your behavior!
12. Take care of money. Learn to spend at least 10 percent of the money for good activities!
13. I can’t do, I don’t Know and I don’t want are to be avoided
14. Go out with friends and relatives, traveling to picnics makes you feel less stressed!
15. Know that your favorite music is less stress than TV!
16. Smoking is not only to improve stress but to kill you!
17. Enhances the bonds, save, listen more, speak less!
18. Experience everything; But do not be addicted to anything!
19. Fasting once a week; Morning Sunrise; Learn to see the sunset in the evenings!
20. Learn from the perspective of not only yours but also others
21. Learn to give a reply after the complete survey.
22. Do not worry about your concerns, either good or bad.
23. Plan for what to achieve next year!
24. Every day you know that Lord Bhagavan is a gift given to you. Laugh. You know that this is a beautiful painting in the world!
25. Make Yoga, Exercise.


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