Does SIT Trust SubbaRaju?

Subbaraju drug racket investigation

Subbaraju in drug racket investigation

The celebrities who are involved in drugs racket case are slowly being intterogated by SIT. The first person to react much when the list of Drugs racket came out is Subbaraju. He shows much interest on the issue saying, He is very much health conscious and so he doesn’t even prefer taking Halopathy. Subbaraju drug racket investigation. And he tries out his best proving him not to be a victim od drug. He says that he uses Ayurveda for his health and stay away from health effecting products.

Even Syam K Naidu also spoke in the same manner during the interrogation. SIT who didn’t trust Shyam K Naidu, brought in the close sources and made him reveal the truth about the issue. Let us see what Subbaraju speaks on the issue. It is yet to wait to see if SIT believes in  SubbuRaju.

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