Supreme Court pushes Karnataka BJP Into A Groove:


Supreme Court pushes Karnataka BJP 

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Post the election results of Karnataka, the Political scenario of the K-Assembly seemed more dramatic than any Cinema. The recent verdict of Supreme Court has not only stunned the BJP camp but also gave overnight work to it.Now that the BJP has formed the Government, the bill filed by the JDS Kumaraswamy regarding the stay on Yeddyurappa’s Oath taking ceremony was canceled by the top Court of India. However, the hearings continued even after the oath taking. All the cases filed by Congress and JDS made the Apex Court to strongly believe their allegations.

They challenged the Karnataka Governor’s help to BJP being their own RSS member. After all the explanations from both the parties, the Justice bench with three judges passed the final verdict which irks the Karnataka BJP camp. Not only rejecting their plea to give BJP a 15 days time to prove their vote count, SC asked the BJP CM Candidate Yeddyurappa to have the magical count by the evening of Saturday. BJP which needs 8 more MLAs to cross the magical count is now in a dire state as it has 24 hours in their hand to lure MLAs from Congress and JDS.

SC”s verdict not only cheered up the Kumaraswamy’s batch but it also gave a ray of hope for the Justice in the Nation of India where Politics seemed to be unethical nowadays.BJP with the help of the Centre has started attracting MLAs from both the opposite parties with nominated posts and packages. They are also trying to blackmail MLAs by setting the Investigation teams on them. On the other hand, JDS and Congress are asking their MLAs to stay patient for one more day to win over BJP.

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