Surprise Arrests Of Naxalite Sympathisers

Surprise Arrests Of Naxalite Sympathisers

The surprise arrests of Naxalite sympathisers across the country is creating a sensation now.The revolutionary writer cum activist Varavarao has been arrested by the Pune police yesterday in his residence at Hyderabad. The Pune police have conducted raids on different parts of Hyderabad yesterday and arrested the veteran writer alleging that conspiring a plot to assassinate Prime Minister Modi. The police have also conducted on other 9 activists alleging the Maoist links.

Varavarao was arrested in connectionVaravarao was arrested in connection with Elgar Parishad event which has lead to greater violence in Pune on December 31st last year. The police have conducted simultaneous raids on Rao’s son-in-law K.V Kumarnath, Satyanarayana professor at EFLU, and Kranthi who is working as a journalist for Regional Daily.Surprise Arrests Of Naxalite SympathisersThe surprise arrests of these people have brought a severe backlash and the Telangana activists have staged a protest for the arrest of this public speaker.


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