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HomelatestT-Congress Incharge Fumes On KCR:

T-Congress Incharge Fumes On KCR:

T-Congress Incharge Fumes On KCR

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Along with the state of AP, its neighborhood state Telangana too have started preparing for the upcoming general elections in 2019. as a result, all the parties have started their campaign more or less across Telangana. the T-Congress in its recent campaign has made some sensational comments on the TRS Chief KCR and his Government.

The Telangana Congress Camp has started its Bus Yatra lately to win the elections in order to move from Opposition chair to Ruling chair. Its Incharge Rama Chandra Kuntia in this tour has slammed KCR and his schemes without a pause. KC Kuntia stated that the TRS Government has been supporting the Centre for the last four years but failed to get any big grants for the newly formed state. He continued irking KCR by saying that the people of Telangana voted for TRS trusting that he would do something for the state but he ended up taking benefits from the projects. Kuntia dared to declare that TRS Camp and KCR are so scared to T-Congress as it is going to win in the upcoming elections for sure.

T-Congress’s Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy continued his pot shots on KCR by reminding the schemes promised by KCR prior to the 2014 elections. He claimed that KCR failed to fulfill Pension schemes, houses for poor people, reservations for the BC’s in employment etc. Finally, they concluded their speech in Sangareddy by saying that KCR and TRS played the trick of schemes to attract votes of Telangana people but they will lose power in the next elections as people will give befitting justice. No doubt the Congress Wing in Telangana is trying to utilize everything against TRS to gain power. For now, it is no doubt that Congress is the only option for TRS haters in Telangana but KCR too has his own plans to regain power yet again. let us keep our fingers crossed for now.

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