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On August 10, offices throughout South India will be shut down

The 10th of August is a holiday in South India's offices. In a surprising turn of events, numerous workplaces across South India have announced a...

Ticket bookings are open now for ‘F3’

Ticket bookings are open now for 'F3', go and get your tickets from https://t.co/EFXwsXQ0Pc https://t.co/dxq300EPjb  

Don’t be scared if you are charged more!

Don’t be Scared if Movie Tickets Charged More! Posted at   In the past five years, the ticket prices rose between 50% to 150%,...


Chiranjeevi Vishwambhara Update: Shoot in Nalgonda 

The highly anticipated film "Vishwambhara," starring the legendary Chiranjeevi...