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Don’t be scared if you are charged more!

Don’t be Scared if Movie Tickets Charged More!

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In the past five years, the ticket prices rose between 50% to 150%, given the theatre’s location, and theatre’s setup. With the increase in ticket prices, the moviegoer was forced to think twice before he wanted to watch a movie in a movie theatre.

Even then, the producers still demanded the increase in ticket prices. After the Andhra Pradesh government said it is not possible to increase the ticket prices, prominent people from the film industry approached the High Court.

After hearing the proceedings, the High Court overruled the government’s decision and allowed the producers to the increase the ticket prices. This ruling came as an ‘imminent’ order, with the High Court requesting the government to submit its petition on why shouldn’t the ticket prices increase.

The recent ruling from the court came as a shocker to the average moviegoer. In the past, the average ticket prices were between Rs. 40 and Rs. 60. After the increase in price, they shot up to Rs.80 and Rs. 150. Given the latest ruling, the minimum price of a movie ticket could touch Rs. 100. It costs Rs. 1000 and more for a family of 4, to watch a movie in a multiplex in the theatre, given the ticket prices and high prices of eatables.

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