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Take ‘U TURN’ For Trailer

Take 'U TURN' For Trailer

“Don’t lie to me, Damn it” Is it thriller…? Yes, 100% it is a thriller. Samantha, Aadi Pinisetty, Bhumika, and Rahul Ravindran and others have taken an ununderstandable and confusing trailer to us. If a trailer confuses us, it is definitely good. As well as if a trailer is ununderstandable, sure that will thrill in theatres. Now, this trailer in the same position. What the damn cut and taking by Pawan Kumar. He is very famous for Lucia movie and that is a psychological thriller. And, now we can expect this ‘U-Turn’ as another brain sticker film. If a film is marvelous, surely that sticks to our film. Although, Lucia was a very famous thriller in Kannada and it premiered at the London Indian Film Festival. Is U-Turn also on that line?


As come to the trailer, the story may around Samantha but mainly it may relate to Bhumika. Although, it is looking like Rahul Ravindran may be taken an important role. As like that, Aadi Pinisetty is once again back with an out and out thriller after Vaishali and Malupu. According to the actors, we may expect impactful content, and according to the director, we may expect another premiere in film festivals. Really, the trailer is too good but we will for the film. we can’t judge all films with teasers and trailers. But, it will be in next level on the screen as we hope.


CAST: Samantha Akkineni, Aadhi Pinisetti, Rahul Ravindran, Bhumika Chawla, Narain
Written & Directed: Pawan Kumar
Produced: Srinivasaa Chhitturi, Rambabu Bandaru
Cinematography: Niketh Bommireddy
Music: Poornachandra tejaswi
Editor: Suresh Arumugam
Art: AS Prakash, Ramanjaneyulu, Latha Tarun
Dialogues: Bheem

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