Tamil composer Santhosh Narayanan: I call this golden time for indie music


Composer Santhosh Narayanan, who recently scored music for the Dhanush-starrer “Jagame Thandhiram”, feels independent music in the Tamil music industry is scaling new heights. He calls this a “Golden period” for indie artists.

Santhosh’s composition “Enjoy Enjaami” recently achieved global fame when French music producer DJ Snake remixed the track.

“The independent scene in Tamil is getting bigger and we are so glad that we had a breakthrough in the form ‘Enjoy Enjaami’, which connected well with the audience. There are many global collaborations happening that will open doors to an amazing set of musicians across India, not just North or South,” he says.

Santhosh adds: “I think the Indian music scene should be celebrated in a much bigger way across the world. I would call this a golden time for independent music.”

Santhosh, who has composed music for many Tamil films including “Soodhu Kavvum”, “Jigarthanda” and “Kabali” amongst others, started his musical journey as an independent composer in 2012. Things have drastically changed in the music industry since then, he observes.

“I have seen it all between 2012 and now when I was going around and trying so many different things as an independent artiste. I was a lot less prepared back then and my vision was completely different. I would say I have seen it all and did so many gigs. We were always trying to be relevant and ensure that our music reaches at least those few who look for it. It was a big struggle at that point, at least from my perspective,” he says.

The composer feels lucky to have never been pressurized for anything when it came to his music. “I call myself an independent artiste among the movie composers in the industry because I always felt that I was never pushed or pressurized to do something even when I was working on the movie’s side. I was lucky to be as independent as I could be even with the movie music,” says Santhosh, whose latest film “Jagame Thandhiram” is streaming on Netflix.


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