Tamil Nadu CM Stalin Urges Police to Prepare for Elections


Tamil Nadu CM Stalin Urges Police to Prepare for Elections:

During a meeting to assess the law and order situation in Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister M K Stalin urged police personnel at all levels to diligently contribute to maintaining the state’s peaceful environment, which is vital for industrial growth. He emphasized the importance of reducing and preventing crimes and preparing for the upcoming elections, which may be announced next year.

Stalin expressed concern about the perception of deteriorating law and order, propagated by some newspapers and media channels in the past month, despite statistics indicating a decrease in the crime rate compared to the previous year. He encouraged officers to engage with the media regularly and share accurate information regarding crimes, investigations, and apprehensions of culprits. He recommended that the Director General of Police hold frequent press conferences to disseminate information about various events through the media.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister stressed the need to protect women and children, emphasizing the swift processing of cases under the POCSO Act, filing charge sheets within 60 days, and securing convictions in court. He called for increased special patrols near schools, colleges, and areas frequented by women to monitor potential offenders and take prompt action. He also encouraged the police to adopt a data-driven, technology-based approach to identify crime-prone areas.

Regarding the upcoming elections, Stalin urged officers to maintain law and order by closely monitoring events and promptly addressing any issues. He emphasized the importance of analyzing intelligence reports at the district level and collaborating with revenue department officials to enhance police department efficiency.

Stalin requested police officials to conduct awareness campaigns in schools and colleges on the POCSO Act and against drug abuse. He expressed satisfaction with the reduction in the illicit liquor trade due to police actions and called for continued efforts in this regard. He highlighted the importance of border surveillance to prevent ganja cultivation and drug smuggling.

tamil nadu cm stalin urges police to prepare for elections
Tamil Nadu CM Stalin Urges Police to Prepare for Elections

Additionally, the Chief Minister raised concerns about social media posts contributing to law and order problems and urged the police to closely monitor social media platforms. He recommended taking swift legal action against individuals spreading hatred based on religion and caste through such posts.

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