‘Tamil Rockerz’ will have a small opening for a sequel, discloses Arun Vijay


Actor Arun Vijay, who plays police officer Rudra in director Arivazhagan’s much-awaited Tamil web series, ‘Tamil Rockerz’, which is to release on OTT on August 19 this year, has disclosed that the series will have a small opening for a sequel.

Inspired by real-life events, the fictional series, that has been produced by one of India’s oldest and most respected production houses, A V M Productions, will revolve around Rudra’s efforts to safeguard a massively budgeted and highly-anticipated movie called ‘Garuda’ from an anonymous network of powerful and dangerous cyber pirates.

The series, many believe, is inspired by a video pirate gang that often had the audacity to challenge Tamil film units. The pirates would ask film units to stop them if they could from releasing pirated versions of their films. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the web series has triggered huge interest in viewers, many of whom are curious to know who eventually was behind the big piracy network.

Ask Arun Vijay if they eventually show who is behind the operation of such a big piracy network and he replies, “This is Season One. There is an open end. There will be finishing but there will also be a small opening for a sequel. You will get to know when you watch the series.”

The actor says working on the series has helped him gain a better understanding of how video pirates operate.

Says Arun Vijay, “After playing this role in this web series, I have gained a better understanding of how video pirates operate. For that matter, after watching this series, everybody will get to understand where this is heading. I think we will take precautionary measures to handle this issue. Ultimately, the power to tackle this problem rests with the person watching pirated stuff. Everyone should get the thought that they must not watch pirated videos. That will eventually happen after watching this series.”

Sources say director Arivazhagan and his team did extensive research into how video pirates operate for the series.

Talking about the challenges of working on this series, Arun Vijay says, “Every film has a different kind of challenge. This film speaks in detail about a network. I think half the challenge was overcome by the director and writer. It was easy for me as they made me understand several things.” Disclosing that the series was shot for a period of 55 days, Arun Vijay says he shot on all the days and that every day, he had a double call sheet.

Anybody who set out to put out an end to the piracy menace has received several threats.

Did Arun Vijay get any threats while playing the lead in this series? “No, I haven’t received any such threats,” he signs off with a smile that indicates relief.

It will air on SonyLIV


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