TDP Legislators to Protest Naidu’s Arrest in Assembly


TDP Legislators to Protest Naidu’s Arrest in Assembly:

Telugu Desam legislators have decided to participate in the upcoming Andhra Pradesh legislative session, starting Thursday, to voice their objections to what they perceive as the “unlawful” arrest of their party leader, Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

During a meeting held by the TD legislature party, chaired by the party’s state president K. Atchannaidu at their party headquarters in Mangalagiri on Wednesday, it was resolved that they would attend the legislative session.

Following the meeting, TDP leaders including Nimmala Ramanaidu, B.V. Swamy, and B.T. Naidu spoke with the media. They criticized the YSRC for allegedly undermining the legitimacy of the legislative sessions by rejecting TD-proposed resolutions and granting inadequate time for TD legislators to address various issues. They noted a significant disparity in the time allotted to ruling party legislators, who receive seven to eight hours, compared to just 10 minutes given to the opposition.

The TDLP has pledged to raise concerns about the alleged unjust arrest of their party chief and bring to light what they believe is a “conspiracy” behind his detention during the legislative session. They aim to inform the public about the treatment Naidu has received. The TD leaders assert that the charges against Naidu are politically motivated. Additionally, they plan to highlight the YSRC government’s alleged involvement in illegal sand mining, liquor-related issues, land scandals, and attacks on various marginalized groups.

tdp legislators to protest naidu's arrest in assembly
TDP Legislators to Protest Naidu’s Arrest in Assembly

Their agenda for the five-day legislative session is primarily centered on demanding the withdrawal of all alleged illegitimate charges against Chandrababu Naidu.

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