TDP Banking On Steel Plant To Earn Trust

TDP MP Ramesh Demanding Steel Plant In Andra

The Yellow fort’s supreme Chandrababu Naidu known for his mind games and strategies is playing the cards of BJP’s promises to fight against them. Keeping one year to the Elections, CBN is following a perfect plan to win the trust of AP voters.Already the ruling party grabbed the unwanted bad name for not bringing Special Category Status to the bifurcated residual AP. As voters are losing their trust in the TDP leaders, all of a sudden, TDP took up the challenge of fighting against the Centre to fulfil all the promises BJP has made. One among them is the Kadapa Steel Plant.

While their MP CM Ramesh caught the limelight by carrying of indefinite fast, the leaked footage of TDP Parliamentarians and the way they ridiculed the strike set the TDP fame on fire. To minimize the damage, their Supreme today came all the way to Kadapa to end CM Ramesh’s 11 days fasting. Later in the Public meeting, the Chief Minister of AP declared that the State Government would set up the Steel Plant even though the Centre opposes it. For this, he demanded the Centre to pay back the State’s taxes as a financial support.

On the same note, CM spoke about the Visakhapatnam Special Railway Zone as well. He is readying his MLA Avanthi Srinivas to do another indefinite fasting for the zone against the Centre.Centre has its own plans to win over the TDP’s mind games. BJP is planning to announce many packages and promised industries just before the elections to create an impact on voters’ minds. For now, CBN is keen on setting up the plant with State’s funds.


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