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HomelatestTDPs New Allegation On Pawan Kalyan:

TDPs New Allegation On Pawan Kalyan:

TDP New Allegation On Pawan Kalyan

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The ruling party TDP which felt a sudden jolt from its ex-partner Pawan Kalyan has started damage control measures. The entire party along with its Supreme Chandrababu Naidu is alleging Janasenani in order to defend themselves in this dire situation.

The Janasena Supreme Pawan Kalyan has started his rage against Central and State Governments. His speech on Janasena’s 4th anniversary mainly focussed on slamming both the above-mentioned Governments for playing vote bank politics. Deeply irked by Pawan’s comments, the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu who heaped praises on Pawan in the past has fumed fire. Not just expressing his anguish on Pawan Kalyan, he alleged the young leader that he is acting in the direction of BJP Government. CBN in his press meet declared that Pawan Kalyan has been making allegations on his son Lokesh as per the orders of BJP. TDP leaders who took a queue from babu also alleged Pawan with the same reason. Some of the members of TDP feel that even the so-called rival party YSRCP never comments on Lokesh but Pawan did it with a hidden agenda. They state that Pawan has got some fake evidence from one of the bigwigs belong to the Central Government or otherwise there is no chance for him to allege CM’s son that easily. Also, the political analysts feel that Pawan never comments out of the blue unlike some politicians so there exists some crucial info with Pawan regarding Lokesh. All these comprise of a new conspiracy according to the AP TDP Camp.

But Pawan has been silently listening to all these comments and been busy with his Vijayawada tour. It is quite evident that Pawan is now not in good terms with TDP post-Janasena meeting. Some anti-fans of Pawan say he might move close quarters to Jagan but the Jansena supporters made it clear that he will never have an alliance with YSRCP, at least in the near future.

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