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HomelatestCBN To Address At Least One Public Meeting In Each District:

CBN To Address At Least One Public Meeting In Each District:

TDP Supremo Chandrababu meeting At Tirupati

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TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu is preparing his ground to address at least one public meeting in each district in the coming days.CBN who has lashed out BJP and YSR Congress in the public meeting at Tirupati yesterday has stated that Modi and Jagan are the two prime culprits for the betrayal of sunrise state Andhra Pradesh. The Tdp supremo is putting all his efforts to take the issue of betrayal of BJP deep into the people.

He is, in fact, preparing his ground to have such kind of meetings in each and every district of A.P. CBN is continuing his battle against BJP from the last couple of months and he seems to intensify it much more before getting into the elections.CBN has also made it clear that Y.S Jagan has a secret nexus with Modi and he is the main conspirer in this issue. By addressing the people like that, CBN opines that he can get closer to the people and also has a chance to explain clearly how the center has betrayed him and the state.

He is also going to put forward the prime concerns of the state, completion of Polavaram project and special category status.CBN is going to let the people know on what situations he has agreed to the special package to the state, and what are the measures he is going to take to overcome the hurdles created by the center purposefully.

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