TDP To Counter BJP In The Steel City:

TDP To Counter BJP In The Steel City

TDP To Counter BJP In The Steel City

Posted May 2, 2018, 4:04 pm at 16:04
The politician Chandrababu Naidu is said to be one of the wittiest and clever Politician among the senior most Politicians in South India. His new strategy details will leave everyone in awe of his unique approach.TDP has started the series of Dharma Porata Sabha in order to campaign for elections and also to be in Public looks. After making the first Sabha as a sheer success in Tirupati, the second Porata Sabha has got its own importance. Despite going for a TDP backed constituency, CBN intentionally selected the city of Visakhapatnam for many obvious reasons.

First and foremost being that the city which is in the hands of TDP’s present rival BJP will get irked by this huge meeting. So Naidu is looking forward to sending a strong message to AP BJP cadre by making this meeting a huge success. Also, Babu has perfectly responded during the time of Hudhud by shifting his residence to Vizag and he himself made it sure that the city was back on track within 15 days from the disaster. He is going to remind this issue and make a buzz out of it to win the trust of Steel City voters. Last but not the least, slamming BJP in BJP backed constituency will indirectly tell the AP people that TDP is the perfect rival of BJP which backstabbed AP in the name of Special Status.

Political analysts say that this is one of the best strategies TDP can have in order to grab the attention of media from Jagan. TDP is trying hard to project the parties Janasena and YSRCP as allies of BJP in order to damage their vote bank. The third Dharma Porata Sabha will be in the new capital of Amaravati but the public is more curious on the Vizag meet. From promises to verbal wars, this second meet will be a big feed to the news channels and political lovers.

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