Tej I Love You Movie Review

Tej I Love You movie Review

Cast: Sai Dharam Tej, Anupama Parameswaran, Banerjee, Viva Harsha, etc..,

Music: Gopi Sundar

Producer: K S Rama Rao

Director: Karunakaran

Tej I Love You Movie Review & Full Story:

Sai Dharam Tej has forayed into the Telugu Film Industry as a nephew of the megastar Chiranjeevi. He made his mark with a series of hits like Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jevitham, Supreme, Subhramanyam for Sale and set a separate space for himself. This Supreme hero who has been suffering with two three back to back flops has teamed up with the classic banner Creative Commercials which made produced many hits with his uncle Chiranjeevi in the past. Touted to be a love story, the fact that the love story specialist Karunakaran helming this project raised the buzz. Impressive trailers and promos along with the presence of cute beauty Anupama Parameswaran increased the hype prior to the release. Let us see if Tej scored his much-needed hit or not.

Who said I Love you to Tej and Why?

Tej comes from a typical good middle-class family which is rich in love and emotions which we often see in any Karunakaran’s movies. Losing his parents at very young age, Tej gets raised by his big Uncle and his small Uncle in a joint family. Once Tej helps a lady who is escaping from his family and rowdies to get her to the railway station. During that process, he kills a goon with a big stone and goes to jail for murdering. After returning to home spending seven years in Jail, Tej reaches home and comes to know that his family forces his sister to get married without liking. Tej helps his Sister to marry her lover and pays huge price from his family. Deeply hurt by Tej’s lifestyle and actions, his family throws him out forever.

Jumping to the introduction of the heroine, Nandini ( Anupama) arrives India from London to make the last wish of her mother to become true. Tej sees her unexpectedly and falls in love with her at the very first sight. Unfortunately, she meets with an accident and forgets her past and Tej. Did she remember her past? Did she propose I love you to the Tej? What is her mother’s last wish? How is Tej related to that wish? Will be answered in the movie.

Did Tej gets his proposal well?

Karunakaran always banks on love stories since the beginning of his career. But he failed to meet the expectations of fans having a hero like Sai Dharam Tej in hand. Because the director made the viewer guess the next scene and screenplay. The narration is very flat such that one can easily predict the upcoming twists in the story. However, the comedy track is the only positive thing about this flick. The fact that the story’s old theme and bad narration played the spoilsport for this project. Even the star composer like Gopi Sundar failed to give much-needed tunes and background music for this flick. Camera work is of top notch and it became the main highlight amongst the slow screenplay. Producer K S Ramarao’s lavish production appeared in every frame such that the overall movie seemed very good in terms of production values. Lack of more twists and predictable story killed this movie’s pace to the core. Overall the movie’s first half is ok but the second half will disappoint fans. Tej failed to get his much needed success with Tej-I Love you.

Coming to the main leads, as usual, Tej gave his best as an actor and once can see his improvement in all the departments. He excelled in his mark mannerisms and comedy timing. Mega fans recollect megastar Chiranjeevi in one particular scene in the first half beginning. Anupama Parameswaran looked very beautiful and charming. She increased her glamour does to and extend to entertain her fans. Viva Harsha and his batch excelled in their roles as comedians and their comedy is a huge plus. 30 years industry Prudhvi and Sureka Vani’s couple entertained to the core. Other actors like Banerjee, Pavitra Lokesh, and others did their best in their respective roles.

Telugu Bullet Punch Line: It is difficult for audience to say that they Loved Tej

Telugu Bullet Rating: 2.5/5


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