Political Analysts Dissect KCR’s Anti-AP Comments


The Telangana KCR’s mastermind is something every enthusiastic political lover should know. Seniormost Political analysts are here to decode KCR’s new strategy and indirect help to TDP via his recent remarks on AP.The other day, Telangana CM KCR after four years of separation made cheap remarks on the State of AP. He declared that AP is still in bad shape as the ruling party has developed the state absolutely nothing. Declaring the State and its leaders as unworthy, KCR brought the anti-AP card into the picture. Initially, some critics of his Politics opined that he is still using the same weapon to get votes and ridiculed him that this weapon is rather waste of time as the state already got bifurcated.

After deep analysts, one will be bewildered to know his mind games and political chess he is doping into the brains of AP voters.He declared AP ruling party TDP leaders as unworthy which sends a feeler that he is against the Yellow camp. Already the maximum AP people are against KCR for bringing the Telangana movement. So it is obvious that they would do anything opposite to him. That means, they would vote to TDP than YSRCP for their hatred of KCR but not with love on TDP.

If TDP wins, KCR is a happy man such that he can easily negotiate with CBN than Y.S Jagan.With friendship or package or Vote for Note case, KCR can hold talks with CBN if at all there exists any disputes between the two Telugu States. Whereas, Jagan known for his dictatorship qualities would be a hard nut to get cracked by KCR. So we can declare that according to these analysts, KCR is helping AP-TDP camp for his own benefits.


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