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HomelatestKCR Has Got Two New Targets In His Life:

KCR Has Got Two New Targets In His Life:

Telangana CM KCR Two New Targets

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The Telangana Chief Minister KCR should be praised for his achievements in life despite all the oppositions controversies. This most successful leader who conquered Telangana’s Assembly is now eyeing on National Politics.This CM of the newest state of India started his career as an MLA and later became Minister in TDP’s Government. Later he formed his own party leaving the posts in order to fight with some Andhraites who are taking away jobs of Telangana. With the name Telangana Rastra Samithi, he continuously fought with the parties like TDP and Congress. Finally, in 2014, he leads the People’s Telangana Movement by fasting and finally achieved Telangana. Thus he became the Chief Minister and established his party such that it cannot be damaged for the upcoming two-three terms.

After becoming CM, he has an eye on the Centre. In order to make his desires true and also to counter BJP which is playing with the two Telugu States, KCR has written a new political strategy. He wants to leave the State for his dynamic son KTR and conquer the capital with the support of all anti-Modi parties. This gutsy leader dared to propose the Federal Front and now working restlessly to make it as a parallel option for people other than NDA and UPA.

But his desire of making his son the second CM of Telangana is not an easy task. KTR despite his craze among youth and contacts from Tollywood has no craze among rural areas. So KCR is asking his fellow leaders to train and promote KTR in villages and towns to make him the number one contender for CM post in case he gets busy with National Politics. Another problem is that the KCR’s nephew Harish Rao is considered as the next best after KCR in TRS. KTR has to work hard in order to impress cadre, Telangana voters in order to cross Harish and become CM.

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