Sunday, September 26, 2021
HomelatestPubs Involved In Drugs Case

Pubs Involved In Drugs Case

Telangana Drugs Case can attack Pubs

Telangana Drugs Case can attack Pubs: The officials who told that they will suppress drugs are getting shares from pubs. And there is no need to tell about the government top leaders. With shares, they have the sleeping partnership in pubs. SIT is telling about the cine celebrities. Beyond these people they are many popular people in society has the partnership in pubs.

The drugs will be fully available in the pubs which are running by VIP’s. Anyone can do anything as they have government support so no one will raise the voice. But now Akun Sabharwal is pulling the drugs gang out. Popular Cine celebrities are in tension because even the Tollywood top family links are coming out.

Now popular Cine celebs are threatening Telangana government ministers. That their links should not come out or else they will tell about ministers links. This became one more tension for CM KCR. Actually, the pubs became more in number after KCR became CM. There is a talk that ministers support this. Then let us finally where this case goes…?

SIT Interrogation Dates Of Stars

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