Telangana launches India’s first robotics policy framework


Telangana leads the way with the first state robotics framework, aimed at establishing a sustainable robotics ecosystem and positioning the state as a leader in innovation, entrepreneurship, research, and development.

The Minister of Information Technology and Industries, The robotics framework was launched by K.T. Rama Rao, the Information Technology and Industries Minister, as the sixth framework by the Emerging Technologies Wing of the ITE&C Department.

The minister emphasized that Telangana has always recognized the significant role of technology in the development of a state and has prioritized the adoption of the latest technological advancements to encourage innovation.

Telangana established the Emerging Technologies Wing in 2017 to drive ecosystem development and government adoption of emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Drones, Additive Manufacturing, IoT, Space Tech, Cloud, and Robotics.

Telangana has already released 5 policy frameworks on AI, Cloud, Blockchain, Drone, and SpaceTech, making it a pioneer in adopting emerging technologies and a role model for other states, according to the minister.

In collaboration with the All India Robotics Association, academia, industry experts, and stakeholders, the Emerging Technologies Wing has developed a comprehensive roadmap, the robotics framework, to promote the growth of the robotics industry in the state and contribute to the development of the industry in the country.

The framework aims to utilize robotics technology to promote growth and development in four domains – agriculture, healthcare, industrial automation, and consumer robotics.

One of the main aspects of the framework is the establishment of a Robo Park that will provide testing facilities, co-working spaces, and manufacturing options in partnership with industry, academia, and incubators, either on state-owned sites or at competitive rates.

A world-class robotics accelerator will also be established in the state, providing startups with the necessary incubation, infrastructure, authorization support, market insights, investor connections, and mentorship support.

The government has identified five key pillars to achieve the vision of the framework, including infrastructure access, business enablement, fostering research and innovation, human capital enhancement, and responsible deployment.

A separate entity named Telangana Robotics Innovation Center (TRIC) will be established by the state to oversee the implementation of the framework and act as a nodal point for executing the key pillars outlined in the framework.

telangana launches india's first robotics policy framework-0 telangana launches india's first robotics policy framework

MoUs have been signed between the Telangana state government and five organizations, namely IIT Hyderabad, ART PARK IISC, GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd (GHIAL), AgHub (PJTSAU), and the All India Robotics Association (AIRA). The signed MoUs include academic institutions, industry associations, and incubators.

Telangana aim of Global Robotics Summit:

Telangana plans to host a Global Robotics Summit to exhibit its developing robotics ecosystem and draw investments worldwide. The summit will enable researchers, startups, and industry leaders to display their innovations, establish connections with potential partners and investors, and explore fresh business prospects.

The occasion also featured speeches by Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary of ITE&C and Industries, and Rama Devi Lanka, Director of Emerging Technologies.

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