Tuesday, January 25, 2022
HomelatestBan On Swami Paripoornananda: T-Govt’s Witty Act For Vote Bank

Ban On Swami Paripoornananda: T-Govt’s Witty Act For Vote Bank

In what may called as a Political outplay, the Telangana Government made it sure that its vote bank is safe with its recent acts. It has expelled Swami Paripoornananda for doing Political justice.Post the ban on Kathi Mahesh for his deteriorating comments on the Hindu God Lord Rama, many Dalit groups raised objection for banning a Dalit from the city. In the fear of losing the vote bank of entire Dalits from the T-state, the TRS Government directed their Police to impose the ban on Swami Paripoornananda as well to level the issue.They showed up an old case which belongs to the month of November 2017. Swami who confined to his house as the Telangana Policemen house arrested him two days back has directly sent to his Sri Peetam, Kakinada.

They backed their act by showing the case registered against him for his Speech in Telangana region. In his Speech, Swami declared that the TRS Government and the center are providing subsidies to Mecca Pilgrimage for Muslims but provides nothing for Hindu Pilgrimages. A case has been registered and now the Policemen gave a verdict of ban for the issue of Law and Order problem.This dual stand of TRS Government is making its impact on the common people. Meanwhile the Hindu groups intensified their protests against Swami’s ban. Political analysts point out expelling Swami after the rage of Dalit groups like MRPS post Kathi’s arrest.

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