Thalapathy Vijay Takes the Political Plunge with “Tamilaga Vetrri Kazhagam”


After months of speculations and rumors, Kollywood’s leading star, Thalapathy Vijay, has made a surprising announcement about his entry into politics. Putting an end to the conjectures, Vijay revealed the name of his political party as “Tamilaga Vetrri Kazhagam.” The official social media handles for the party have also been established to facilitate communication with the public.

In a press note released by Vijay, he emphasized the significance of politics as a dedicated service to the people. Vijay made it clear that he is committed to devoting his full time to politics. The actor confirmed that his upcoming film, Thalapathy69, would be his final project, ensuring an uninterrupted focus on his political endeavors. This decision comes as a surprise for fans, considering Vijay’s current peak in the film industry.

Stay tuned for more updates as Thalapathy Vijay embarks on this new chapter in his career.


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