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Thanks To Rajini, Lord Venkateswara Into Tamil Politics!

Thanks To Rajini, Lord Venkateswara Into Tamil Politics!

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Thanks to Rajinikanth, the DMK party has started its attack against the Kali-Yuga Daivam Lord Venkateswara (or Yedukondalavadu). After he announced his political entry on December 31st, 2017, Rajinikanth sent shockwaves across the political sphere in Tamil Nadu.

DMK feels that Rajinikanth’s notion of ‘Spiritual’ politics could have an impact (religious) on the voters. To counterattack this, the DMK has already come up with a unique plan. MK Stalin has reportedly asked his party members and followers to carry out ‘Atheist Meetups’ across Tamil Nadu.

As a part of their strategy, former TN CM Karunanidhi’s daughter, DMK MP, Kanimoli targeted Lord Venkateswara itself. Speaking at a public gathering, Kanimoli said, Lord Venkateswara is only for the rich and not for the common man. ‘A common man has to wait for long hours to have his Darshan. If he is really a god, why does his temple need security? He cannot even protect his own hundi, leave about people.

Religion has brought more bloodshed than the wars in the history of mankind. Only Atheism has the power to unite everyone on this planet. Religion is solely responsible for communal violence,’ said Kanimoli. The MP’s latest comments not only shook Tamil Nadu but also the whole nation.

DMK, which is born out of the Dravidian Movement, took taken a similar stance in the past. With time, the party has toned down the concept ‘atheism’. With Rajinikanth’s ‘Spiritual’ politics on the cards, DMK is once again evoking the spirit of Dravidian movement in the Tamil people.

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