Time makes you forget your problems, says Priya Bhavani Shankar


Urging those going through tough times to hang in there and wear a smile, actress Priya Bhavani Shankar on Wednesday said that worrying was overrated and that time would make one forget their problems.

Taking time to pen a long post on Instagram, the actress posted a video clip containing pictures and clips shot during her trip to Cambodia.

Along with the video clip, she wrote: “Flavours of Cambodia. This memory from three years back popped up on my phone and got me thinking.

“I was emotionally in a very dark place. I woke up that morning and wanted to run away from everything. That evening, without any plans we hopped onto a flight.”

“Looking back, it feels like I was distressed for nothing. What I thought would kill me, No it didn’t. I survived. It doesn’t matter anymore and to a level, it’s funny how I thought that was the end of the world.”So if you are someone who is going through a tough time, this is for you. I would like to tell you IT IS OK. It’s a phase and you will get through this. NOTHING IS THE END. You will have a new set of problems in another three years. You’ll develop the strength to laugh at your old problems.”

“Hang in there. Wear that smile and live. Because problems and disappointments are always going to be there. Looking back you don’t want to see regrets but how you lived through it.”

“Time makes you forget your problems but you will remember the person who was holding you through tough times, the flavors of the food you had, and the memories you made. WORRYING IS OVERRATED,” she said.


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