Record-Breaking Auction: Titanic Floating Door Fetches Over Rs 5 Crore


The wooden floating door, famously depicted in the poignant final scene of James Cameron’s iconic film ‘Titanic’, recently sold at auction for over Rs 5 crore ($718,750). This significant sale stirred nostalgia among movie aficionados worldwide, bringing back memories of the tragic love story between Jack and Rose.

Despite being referred to as the “floating door” by fans, the item is actually a part of the door frame just above the ship’s first-class lounge entrance. Its sale price of Rs 5 crore made it the highest-selling item at the auction, sparking renewed interest in the film’s unforgettable climax.

The debate over whether both characters, Jack and Rose, could have survived on the slab of wood has long been a topic of discussion among fans. The auction reignited this debate, prompting speculation and analysis about the feasibility of their survival in the icy waters of the Atlantic.

In addition to the wooden slab, other items from the film also garnered significant interest. A prototype of the same piece of wood sold for Rs 1,04,21,200 ($125,000), while the wheel used for the boat in the movie fetched Rs 1,66,74,030 ($200,000). These sales underscored the enduring popularity and cultural significance of ‘Titanic’, even more than two decades after its release.

Overall, the auction served as a nostalgic trip down memory lane for fans of the film, offering them the opportunity to own a piece of cinematic history. The sale of the iconic wooden slab symbolized the enduring legacy of ‘Titanic’ and its lasting impact on popular culture.


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