Puri Be The Reason For Tollywood drugs

Tollywood actors Drug

Telugu actors in drug racket case

Tollywood actors Drug

Tollywood celebrities shock everyone being in the list of Tollywood ators Drug edicts. We find 15 tollywood actors in the list. The list almost includes two top heroines, leading heroes, an art director and a famous director. They have been asked to appear before special team investigating the drug racket between July 19 and 24. Therefore shockingly, the question of How drugs culture spreads in tollywood raises. Furthermore, when the question raises, everyone concentrates much on Director Puri Jagannadh.

The rumors started spreading saying Puri is the first person to start on drugs. Seems like Puri is the one to spread on the habit to the rest of the actors. It is not yet known if the buzz are assumptions of true. some people says there are many more celebrities you aren’t yet known to the media taking drugs.

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