Trivikram is my Daddy – Fight Master Peter Haines

Trivikram is my Daddy

Trivikram is my Daddy

Posted December 4, 2017, 8:06 pm at 20:06 

Peter Haines is undoubtedly one of the best stunt choreographers in the Indian film industry. He worked in all major film industries in the nation. Peter Haines who is currently composing fights for a couple of films in Bellwood attended the Indywood Film Carnival in Hyderabad.

Speaking on the occasion, the stunt choreographer has shared some interesting and exciting aspects of his life. ‘I did not go to school as a child. I did not even complete my 10th grade. Though my father did not give me school education, he taught me martial arts. It is because of the martial arts I was able to settle in my life,’ said Haines.

He further went on to say, ‘I call director Trivikram as daddy. If my father had taught me martial arts, it was Trivikram who has taught me what cinema is. He is the one who actually explained me about fight sequences and the need to compose them. I consider him as my father in that regard.’

Peter Haines has worked mostly for SS Rajamouli in Tollywood. ‘Rajamouli is a great director. Though I’m currently busy with a couple of movies, I will definitely work if I get a call from Rajamouli or Trivikram. I really like them a lot and I have high regards for both the directors,’ concluded Peter Haines.

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