TRS Party Leaders Are Appreciate KTR


TRS Party Leaders Are Appreciate KTR 

TRS Party Leaders Are Appreciate KTR: Nobody knows how the TRS leaders protect themselves. KCR and KTR are far from the media. But all the news related to them will be the media undercover management. On the KTR birthday, all the TRS leaders celebrate grandly. Other leaders are saying KTR is hard to come up. KCR does not like KTR as MLA, but KTR comes into politics without hearing KCR words. Opponents feel that these people are lying in the same way that KCR is trying to find his son’s safe constituency.

The funniest thing is KCR does not give appointment to KTR. Why KCR has to give an appointment to his son. KCR and KTR are in the single home. If they have a time they discussed together. But the TRS leaders thinking about what the public talking.


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