Trump and Ramaswamy: A Rallying Force in New Hampshire’s Political Arena


The day after winning the Iowa caucuses, former President Donald Trump held a rally in Atkinson, New Hampshire, along with GOP leader Vivek Ramaswamy. Trump expressed gratitude to Ramaswamy for endorsing him.

While Trump secured his position as the Republican presidential candidate, Ramaswamy withdrew from the race after finishing fourth in Iowa. Ramaswamy, who endorsed Trump after dropping out, reiterated his support at the rally, urging people to vote for Trump as there is no better choice.

Trump thanked Ramaswamy for the endorsement, stating that the Indian-American leader will be working with him for a long time. Throughout the campaign, both Trump and Ramaswamy praised each other, with Trump even considering Ramaswamy as a potential running mate.

Despite a brief hiccup when Trump criticized Ramaswamy’s campaign, both maintained their support for each other. Ramaswamy has consistently defended Trump against legal challenges and called him the “greatest President” of the 21st century.

The GOP race now moves to New Hampshire, where the primary is set for January 23. In the Iowa caucuses, Trump won decisively, securing 20 out of 40 delegates and maintaining strong support despite legal issues.


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