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HomelatestWhy ‘TTD’ Taking Action On Its Employees Of Other Religions?

Why ‘TTD’ Taking Action On Its Employees Of Other Religions?

TTD To Take Action On Employees Of Other Religions

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TTD has found that there is a propaganda of other religions by TTD employees who belong to other religions, hence they said such things will not be tolerated anymore.TTD has identified that around 44 employees who are working in the Devasthanam since 1989 and happens to belong to other religions. Now TTD is planning to take severe action on them as per the rulebook.

TTD EO, Anil Kumar Singhal remarked that propaganda by other religion employees are noticed and that will not be tolerated. He said, he already sent notices to these 44 employees particularly belonging to other religions.They will be questioned and after taking their explanation, TTD will take all efforts to re-allocate them to other government departments as per the rules. He also added, TTD kept a tab on those employees belonging to other religions and joined against rules before 1989.

While we all know the TTD EO, Anil Kumar Singhal is in a controversy earlier, where including Pawan Kalyan raised objections on his appointment as TTD EO. Everyone questioned why there is a need for a north Indian in TTD executive officer’s post. Pawan too tweeted “Will the north Indians accept our south Indians in such higher administrative position in such sacred shrines like Amaranth Varanasi and Madhura.

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