Twinkle Khanna: “These last few months I have learnt an important lesson, I don’t have to fix everything”


Twinkle Khanna created a natural pop-up book using a bunch of pink beautiful flowers, and captured the impact in a video clip she shared on Instagram on Monday afternoon.

The video captures the close-up of a book opening up, and a bunch of real flowers springing out of the pages, almost like the crafted art of a pop-up book.

“Some people have to learn to hold on, while others must examine ways to let go. I belong to the latter category, hiding behind regimentation. These last few months, I have learned an important lesson, I don’t have to fix everything. Good enough is sometimes all it needs to be. #LettingGo,” she wrote as the caption.

Actress-turned-author Twinkle’s sense of creativity and humor often entertain netizens on social media. After she quit acting, she has been busy as an author, columnist, interior designer, and film producer.

Khanna also launched Tweak India, a bilingual digital media platform for women.


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