Tuesday, October 26, 2021
HomelatestTwo Media Channels Waiting For Janasena’s Stakes

Two Media Channels Waiting For Janasena’s Stakes

The Janasena party desperately needs the coverage of its Supreme Pawan Kalyan’s Praja Porata Yatra. Before getting any more offers from the media house two channels are looking forward to promoting the party.Going into the details, even though the party Janasena didn’t take the partnership of any media except fans, some channels like NTV, 10TV and AP news etc covered some programmes of Janasena until now without any bias. However, having a strong media house is necessary for the present political scenario.So despite launching their own party, Janasena media wing are looking forward to holding talks with the AP news and 10 TV to have maximum coverage for Janasena for the elections.

They are going to direct the investors of Janasena to divert their stakes into these two channels which are unable to run their offices due to poor TRPs.if they weigh the Janasena’s promotion, then it would be a win-win situation for Janasena and them for airing Pawan Kalyan’s programmes. An official announcement is awaited from Janasena’s spokesperson regarding this issue,Meanwhile, the Party head is busy touring the Uttarandhra with his electrifying speeches. He just finished Gajuwaka and Tagarapuvalasa areas to move further. Pawan is concentrating more on this region knowing that he has more fan base and a chance to get more seats.

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